As the name suggests Best Balance Health & Fitness is about creating balance in your life by embracing a balanced exercise routine that includes cardio, strength & flexibility training.

Best Balance Health & Fitness Studio is located in Brookvale. Refer to location page for details. Studio Manager & Principal Instructor, Simon Duncan, is a certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer & Martial Artist who has been teaching since 2002. Simon’s 3 key areas are Taekwondo for Kids, Exercise for Seniors & Pilates. Simon teaches at various locations along the Northshore. View timetables for details.

Taekwondo for Kids, Teens & Adults

Traditional Art with Modern influence. Our programs teach much more than self defence. We reinforce those values taught at home & at school such as being respectful, building self confidence and achieving your best. Master Simon & his Assistant Instructor's offer classes for all ages. From 4 years old up to Adults.

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Pilates is one the most effective & trusted forms of exercise to improve “core” strength. Pilates also focuses on improving muscular strength & posture. It is a full body functional workout for all levels used to rehabilitate people from injuries to conditioning elite athletes. Classes are Matwork based but incorporated variety of equipment such as balls, circles, bands & foam rollers

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Exercise for Seniors

Gentle Exercise for Older Adults seeking to maintain or improve their overall health, stay active, improve quality of life & maintain independence. Class includes low impact aerobics, functional strength exercises, balance exercises, “brain-training”, gentle stretches, relaxation & also incorporates some Tai Chi

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